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Producing high-quality topographic and measured building surveys since the company was founded in 1985.

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Our Projects

View just a few of the project we have had the pleasure of working on.

Queen Street

Queen Street is in the centre of Oxford and is a busy junction that forms part of the A420 main thoroughfare . . .

Westmill Burial Ground

Westmill Burial Ground is a natural burial site near Swindon. Set up on the downland north of the . . .

Woking Leisure Centre

Initially a similar brief to surveying Windsor Leisure Centre, we were asked to produce a set of drawings . . .

Artist's Impressions
Network Rail

The visuals we are most often asked to produce are Verified Views for planning applications. These are done . . .

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Measured building surveys are meat and drink to us, but every now and again a project comes along that causes at least a moment of head-scratching. Sometimes that is a result of the size of the commission, at other times the level of detail required. One recent request however got us thinking simply about how to produce usable drawings of an extremely complex site.

The site was the swimming pool in Windsor Leisure Centre. The complexity arose from the requirement to show the position of every steel and bracket supporting the water slide, a series of tubes that curls in all three dimensions from the roof to the pool.

The slides have reached the end of their life and are due to be replaced, but the designers, Hippo Leisure, needed to be able to attach the new slides to the existing structure and brackets.

We laser scanned the entire building, setting the scanner up in several places from the floor of the pool to the top level of the atrium.This enabled us to draw in 3D directly onto the scans, ensuring that every steel, cable and tie was marked. This information was then set out in traditional 2D drawing sheets and colour-coded to aid interpretation.

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